Mission Action Plan

At SMWC we consider that God is the one who is with us and is always reaching out to the world in love. We want to be involved in that movement of love (and not get in the way of it.) We consider a Mission Action Plan (MAP) a helpful way to discern how we use our energy, money and building to join in with God's mission to the world. It also helps us to assess what has worked and what has not. This is particularly important for us as one of our values is that we develop a culture of 'try.' As trying involves failing, we need to be honest about the failures and learn from them with gentleness.

The MAP is a living plan. We gather members of the church and the community in various ways in each year so we can hear what is going on locally. We pray about our direction and sense of mission. There is no entry requirement to this process! Then there is a period of testing out ideas and honing until the PCC are satisfied that we have a realistic and ambitious set of goals. We understand that we may not meet all our targets, and we may have to adjust our expectations if somethings happen unexpectedly easily. But this is a live and useful guide in all our endeavours.

You can see our MAP 3-5 year plan here MAP 2023